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Bermuda Golf Winnings and Brandi Milloy

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Episode notes

The PGA Tour rolled through Bermuda, LIV Golf wrapped up their season, and Brandi Milloy joins the podcast for her annual holiday seasons chat. Hosts Alex Lauzon and Michael Russell cover this week:

  • Alex's two top winning picks at the Bermuda Butterfield Championship, and how the PGA Tour should handle the fall golf calendar (1:46).
  • A different golfer named Jordan posts a -30 to win in Portugal (5:44).
  • LIV Golf wraps up the season with a team event at Doral, and literally nobody was watching... again (7:00).
  • The Open Championship came out and said that LIV won't be banned from the British Major, but didn't go so far as to say how they'd be able to play (10:25).
  • The big names return as Viktor Hovland looks to 3-peat at Mayakoba this weekend (11:52).
  • Michael was enjoying some ghost tours while Alex is already getting into the Christmas spirit in Tuned In (14:53).
  • Food, parenting, and lifestyle expert Brandi Milloy returns for the third year in a row to welcome in the holiday season, chatting butter boards, mashed potatoes, and more with Alex (17:12).
  • The college football world prepares for the marque game of the year as Tennessee and Georgia prepare to face-off (48:00).
  • In the NFL, Alex's Patriots go with his least favorite QB, while Michael's Giants take a tumble (49:12).
  • The World Series includes the Astros, who literally cannot stop cheating (50:56).
  • As they guys #AlwaysEndWithFood, Alex is enjoying a spicy halloween burger, while Michael is getting ready for a quick trip to New Orleans (53:03).