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Sam Patterson on showing up as an All-Time dad

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This week performance coach and founder of All-Time Dads, Sam Patterson, takes us through how he’s helping fathers bridge the gap between where they are now and where they want to be.

During this conversation Sam unpacks his approach to helping dads show up as their best (or All-Time) selves. His Fast-Track program has six main pillars:

* Pillar One is being inspired and that is around showing up at your best and knowing what your best looks and feels like.

* Pillar Two is about being intentional for how you show up in your day, so you can be at your best more often than not.

* Pillar Three is about being balanced, having the boundaries in place that support you to achieve your goals.

* Pillar Four is being connected and being able to deepen and strengthen relationships with the people that you care about.

* Pillar Five is fun. Fun's always on the short list, but it often never makes the final cut.

* Pillar Six is courage in the sense of being able to go after what you want in life.

We also cover being deliberate, using visualisation to gain a clear sense of what it really looks like to show up at your best and how our reticular activating system can be used to our advantage.

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I hope you enjoy this chat with Sam.

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