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Scott H Young on leveraging ultralearning techniques as a busy parent

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Episode notes

Scott shares:

  • Being intentional with spending your time
  • Being flexible to fit things in
  • Synergise learning with other things like work projects or recreation (a way to see friends or exercise)
  • Having good boundaries between work and home
     We often don’t look carefully at what actually matters and how we’re prioritising our time
  • When you are at the productivity frontier, being deliberate with your time is so important
  • Social media fast
  • The way our brains were hardwired and how that doesn’t lend itself for the current environment
  • Why life seems so busy at the moment
  • We have so many expectations today that we never used to have
  • Productivity guilt - you simply can’t do everything
  • Savana brains are not designed for TikTok
  • Curating your attentional garden
  • Things needing to be in middle of the Venn diagram of life in order for it to get done when you’re a parent
  • Breaking down the things that we want to get good at because there isn’t as much transfer of skills as people expect
  • Absolute ranking in education as opposed to moving you forward
  • You never start at the same level of competency
  • Starting at the bottom of the class vs the top
  • How the processes of learning can be broken down
  • How do you create an environment that is not too awful
  • How can you make learning interesting and fun.
  • There is a rational process that you can learn, there’s just a lot of work
  • Next-level fatigue
  • Sorting out your own issues so you can show up better for your kids
  • How we’re living in the best possible time to be learning
  • The Flynn Effect
  • Getting over the difficulty threshold of a new skill so that you now enjoy it.