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How This $300M Founder Sold His Luxury Lifestyle Startup to a Bank - Alex Macdonald | E80

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Alex Macdonald is a  Co-Founder of Velocity Black, which was acquired by Capital One for a reported $297M. Now he’s a Co-Founder and CEO of Sequel - an investment platform for the world’s best athletes. He’s also an angel investor in 40+ companies.

We talk about: - One of Alex’s first jobs: buying distressed companies for $0 - How Alex got the idea for Velocity Black - What it takes to build a company worth $100s of millions - Growth strategy of one of the fastest-growing startups in Europe - How to achieve a successful exit - Is it easier to start a hard company? - Dinner with the Pope, meeting Taylor Swift, missions to the space station - Building an investment platform for the world’s best athletes - Acquiring ultra-successful individuals as customers - Alex’s comprehensive methodology for hiring A-players - How to foster high performance in the company - Working hard vs work-life balance - The importance of focus - The #1 book that changed Alex’s life - A powerful (selfish) principle Alex lives by


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