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I Bought a Side-hustle and Grew It to a 7 Figure Business With Remote Employees - Noel Andrews | E86

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Episode notes

Noel Andrews is the CEO of JobRack, a company that helps businesses hire remote employees in Eastern Europe and South Africa. He bought the business when it was very small and has grown it to a 7-figure company. Noel is also exceptionally good at building relationships, surrounding himself with interesting people and organizing all sorts of fun activities with other entrepreneurs.

We talk about:

- Buying vs starting a business

- Transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship

- Challenges in scaling a job board

- Building a remote team

- Hiring freelancers vs full-time remote employees

- Strategies to build a strong remote company culture

- Networking and building relationships

- Tips and techniques for having meaningful conversations

- How to ask thought-provoking questions

- How to create memorable moments for clients and team members


The Power of Moments:


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