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How I Built a $6M ARR SaaS with 80+ Employees in Just 4 Years - Roei Samuel | E85

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Episode notes

Roei Samuel is a serial entrepreneur who started one of the world's most successful eSports platforms at just 22 years old, growing it to over 8 million monthly users before selling the business for millions. He then founded Connectd, a platform connecting startups with investors and advisors, which he scaled to $6 million in annual recurring revenue and 80+ employees in just a few years.

We talk about:

- Starting one of the world's most successful eSports platforms at 22

- Growing to 8+ million monthly unique users

- On breaking the rules to achieve success

- Selling the first business for millions

- Starting Connectd, a platform to connect startups with investors and advisors

- How to build your first product quickly with a low budget

- Growing to $6m ARR and 80+ team members

- The most important thing when hiring

- Lessons from an immigrant mom

- Benefits of ADHD for entrepreneurs

- Best productivity tactics






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