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Life of a Serial Entrepreneur: From Lemonade Stands to Multi-Million Tech Startups - Lex Deak | E79

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Lex Deak is a serial entrepreneur, Dragon's Den winner and founder of a venture capital firm. With his latest tech startup, Basket, he raised millions in funding to revolutionize the online shopping experience. In this episode of The Founders Lounge, we talk about: - The one thing that fuels Lex’s drive and business success - Building and selling his first company - Building a social network and appearance on Dragon’s Den - The mistake of partnering with a dishonest investor - Building a venture capital firm - The value of private membership clubs - Testing 15-20 business ideas that didn’t work - How Basket is revolutionizing ecommerce - Chrome plugin that's sold for $4bn - Raising funding from the founders of BrewDog, Groupon, ClearScore, Miniclip - Building and maintaining relationships - Key lessons learned through years of entrepreneurship Links: - Lex on LinkedIn: - Basket: 🌟 WORK FOR AN INSPIRING UK STARTUP: The best way to learn about business is by working for a successful company with an ambitious founder. This episode is brought to you by - the #1 e-commerce product reviews solution, founded by PJ Cellis (Episode 54). If you’re looking for a job in an inspiring, profitable, and fast-growing UK-based startup, check out --- 📣 Please subscribe & share if you liked the episode ❤ 🚀 Follow me for business ideas & insights: 🦄 Join my UK product founders community: 💰 Looking for funding? Get a VC intro: 📺 Watch on YouYube: