The Future of You

Superlongevity, Memory and Identity with Transhumanist Pioneer, Dr Natasha Vita-More #6

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Episode notes

Dr Natasha Vita-More’s CV reads like a transhumanist historical timeline, stretching back to writing The Transhumanist Manifesto in 1983.

A prominent transhumanist voice since  then, she’s still leading the pursuit of a future in which transhumanism affords us a longer, healthier life free from human limits and human suffering.

Natasha is an extraordinary guest for me to have hosted on The Future of You and we discuss perceptions of time, AI augmentation for our senses and emotional responses, practical developments in transhumanism, and what it’s like to be a pioneering woman in the transhumanist space.

This episode of The Future of You covers:

  • Longevity, and the prospect of radical life extension
  • The binary thinking that sometimes limits our vision and potential
  • Importance of continuity of the person for identity
  • Whether we can live over different platforms
  • The growth of AI and how it might enhance our perceptions and senses
  • Life as a pioneering woman in transhumanism

The Future of You: Can Your Identity Survive 21st Century Technology?:

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