The Future of You

The Evolution of Identity over Generations with Dr Eliza Filby and Dr Ian Pearson #4

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Episode notes

With a look into the past and a long view of the future,  we can better understand, and maintain, our sense of identity in a shifting world.

On this episode of The Future of You, we’ve brought together two sides of a generational coin - a historian and a futurist - to unpack how our relationship with identity is shaped by our generation. Are our notions of identity influencing demographic and societal changes, or might it be the other way around?

Dr Eliza Filby and Dr Ian Pearson dive into the dichotomy between individualism and conformity, future generations’ wildly varied path through the world of work, the role of AI in representing ourselves to others, and whether class will recede or increase as an identity marker in the future.

This episode of The Future of You covers:

  • Shifting patterns in identity, and whether they influence societal changes or vice versa
  • The possible future role of AI in faithfully representing our personalities
  • Individuality in the future workplace, and whether workers can shape a corporation’s moral compass
  • The potential for class to cease being a marker of identity

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