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Dionte' Johnson - Creative Extraordinaire

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Episode notes

Dionte' Johnson is a full-time husband and father who moonlights as an entrepreneur and creative director. He owns and operates Sole Classics - central Ohio's leading sneaker boutique. He is a co-owner of Canvaas Consulting, LLC. a full-service branding firm where he serves as lead designer. He is also president of Look Ma' No Hands Non-profit, and a high school football coach

In this episode Dionte' joins Adam and DeAngelo to discuss his beginnings at Sole Classics, going from being a full-time athlete to a full-time designer, and where his love for community comes from.

If you want to learn more about what Dionte' and his team have going on you can find them at @SoleClassics & @WithCanvaas on instagram. You can also see some of Dionte's personal adventures @DionteJohnson. Be sure to follow while you're over there.