The 'Getting To Grips With' Podcast / #019 - Ben Coomber - Look Awesome, Feel Awesome and Be Awesome

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Episode notes

For Episode 19 I was joined by Ben Coomber. Ben Is one of the UK’s most well-respected nutritionist, coach, and educator in the health and fitness industry.

With years of experience under his belt, Ben is also

An author

Global speaker

Business owner

Writer for major Uk magazines



and all round top bloke.

Not to mention He also runs a number 1 rated health & fitness podcast with almost 550 guests having been on the other end of the microphone.

We delve into so much from keeping nutrition simple, gyms reopening and the importance of systems as well as

finding balance, flow state and how to say ’no’.

I loved how Ben opened up and shared how he utilised a therapist not because there's a specific problem in his life right now but wants to grow as a human being and understand himself better.

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Show Notes:

Book Mentioned - 'The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read' Phillipa Perry

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