The 'Getting To Grips With' Podcast / Ep 15 - Covid 19 Special | Love, Fear and Hope with Luke Ambler

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Episode notes

For Episode 15 we have my first ever guest Luke Ambler back on the podcast for a Covid 19 special.

We delve into so much from slowing down, the art of patience, the testing of our values, hope, routines, love vs fear,  and 5g technology.

Luke is the man behind the incredible 'Andy's Man Club' and the #itsokaytotalk men's mental health movement. Once a former Ireland international rugby player he has also built multiple successful businesses in a variety of different fields from international public speaking, a coffee shop owner, and a journaling businesses. He has taken on ultra marathons, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and is a full-time dad too. 

I  do hope with this conversation can benefit you during this tough time and help give you some comfort or clarity you may have needed.

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