The 'Getting To Grips With' Podcast / #020 - James Dowler - Harness The Power Of The Breath

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Episode notes

For Episode 20 I was joined by James Dowler

James is a breathwork specialist and teaches people how to use the breath as a vehicle for healing and optimising their physical and mental health.

James suffered from chronic fatigue & chronic pain and then discovered meditation to help alleviate it. Fast forward 6 months all his symptoms had gone after practicing more specifically with breath work. James took a leap of faith, left the ‘day job’ and now spends his time teaching people to harness the power of their breath to alleviate emotional issues, improve their physical health and connect them to a deeper, more spiritual part of themselves.

I leant so much myself in this episode and now see how we can use the breath as a skill. We did a deep dive on...

How we can all be breathing better.

How/Where to start our brrathwork journey.

How to breathe when exercising and sleeping.

Build a better relationship with the breath in general.

James is hosting two insta live sessions for free over on his instagram page @breathewithjames so go check that out! I did a session before the podcast and it was excellent. He has also launched his online courses over at

Some of the books/topics we discussed were.

Conscious Connected Breathing Workshop

Sacred cow

James Nestor- Breathe -The New Science Of A Lost Art

Patrick McKeown - The Oxygen Advantage

Paul Chek @paul.chek

Dr Gabor Mate

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