The 'Getting To Grips With' Podcast / Ep 13- Dreams to Reality with the UK's #1 school's motivational speaker | Cameron Parker

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Episode notes

For episode 13 I was joined by Cameron Parker (@camparkerhud)

Cam is traveling up and down the UK well in excess of 1000 miles a week delivering powerful messages in schools, colleges and universities with a mission to not only inspire as many people as he can but to provide content that can change lives.

In this episode, we discussed so much and his energy and passion for life really shone through and was he was certainly not afraid to get vulnerable.

There is honestly something for everyone in here and I had such a rollercoaster recording this one. From the laughing, singing and stone-cold silence as we went deep on his journey and past struggles.

We also spoke about the current education system and challenges we all face today in society, not just at school but how to be a good leader and build resilience for life itself.

He kept me on my toes and make me think about my own journey and goals with the podcast and made me question alot.

Some resources , things to check out that were mentioned in the show:

Book: Purpose by Ben Renshaw

Book: 'When The Body Says No’ Dr Gabor Mate

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Cam’ Selections were….

Fire Up

J Rock - Win

Chill Out

Sam Cooke - Change is going to come

Guilty pleasure

S Club 7 - Reach

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