The Good Life Well Lived Podcast

By Nicola Semple
Series 3 of The Good Life Well Lived podcast is BACK with the Switch Off Sessions.

This series is focused on helping people to switch off their busy mind in a time of uncertainty and will be covering topics such as helping people to separate work and life in an age of working from home, finding relaxation techniques that work for you, digital detoxing and managing the mental load.

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In ‘The Good Life Well Lived’ your host Nicola Semple guides you through inspiring stories and real world examples of people living their own version of a ‘good life well lived’.

Nicola shares proven processes and techniques to help you identify what you want to get out of life, take action to get it and to embrace and enjoy the perfect imperfection of a ‘good life well lived’.

Covering self-awareness, mindfulness, focus, confidence, wellbeing, productivity and finding balance in work and in life, each episode is designed to give you strategies and simple ideas that you can implement immediately to help you lead your version of the ‘good life’.

Wherever you listen to this podcast, put on your headphones, make yourself comfortable and prepare to feel like you are sitting down to have a chat with your oldest and most supportive friend.

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