THE INTERSECTION / S02 E05 - Homeless in Googleville

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Episode notes

Home, Sweet...RV? More than 100 Mountain View residents are living in their vehicles. Meet three of them, who are parked just steps away from our corner: a Google engineer in a deluxe RV parked on campus, an older Google shuttle driver in a leaky trailer on the street, and a guy living in a van while he's on the outs with his family. Plus, hear how the city of Mountain View is responding. 

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Producer: David Boyer Editor: Ben Trefny Engineer: Chris Hoff and David Boyer Music: Erik Pearson Associate Producer: Lucy Kang Associate Editor: Ashleyanne Krigbaum Launch Guru: Megan Jones

Special thanks to Lisa Morehouse, Alex Brown, Jessie Weiner, Above & Beyoncé, and the folks of Sullivan & Company.

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