The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series / 3 Step Process To Attract What You Want

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Episode notes

In this episode I talk about the Simple 3 Step Process To Attract What You Want.

This process has been written about in financial books such as Rich Dad Poor Dad and a spiritual powerhouse of a book called 'Conversations with God'. 

This method has changed my life and countless others however, most people are still thinking backwardly which keeps them stuck and alas in the victim mode.
In order to break that pattern and interrupt those mental states (in what I call the loop of lunacy which I used to find myself in),  I used this simple process to turn things around. 

When you listen to this episode you will discover where you are at, and then from that awareness you can start apply this simple 3 step process right away and begin to transform. 

Remember good things that are strong in foundation and powerful take time to build like an oak tree. You are the same . Tune in, tap in and get aligned.