The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series / How to Exercise Your Intuitive Muscle

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Episode notes

In this episode I talk about the power of intuition and what role it can play in your life. It has the power to help you in any moment and keep you safe, but you have to listen to it and not override it with your thought.

It is designed to help you also make wise decisions. When you listen to the subtle messages your body gives you, your intuitive system strengthens. And conversely, when you don't you dilute its power.

The listening part of intuition is an art and is very personal experience. I share on the podcast some of the ways it works for me, so you can apply some ideas and can tune in to your own intuition and flex that muscle.

You are more than just your body. You are a multi sensory being and any time you have sensed something before it has happened, then you know you have used your intuition.
Find out in this episode how to exercise your intuitive muscle so you can better your life.