The James Granstrom Podcast - Super Soul Model series / Unity and Relationships with Adam Stansbury

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Episode notes

In this episode I talk to my buddy the Adam Stansbury aka The Plant Powered Pt about Unity and relationships and how we need to both engage and disengage in relationships for self care and rejuvenation.  

While the whole world is trying to unite in challenging times, we also need time to separate ourselves from things that don't help us reconnect with ourselves.
The answer is not to become more busy, but to increase the space in our lives. Because when you actively seek quiet time you become fuelled by spirit and personal insights that are invaluable for your wellbeing. 

Isn't it strange that silence and space in our lives is what most people struggle with ?
And the reason is because people are afraid to be left alone with their thoughts.

Listen to the episode and reconnect with that aspect of yourself that knows why you like to both unify and separate (or have space) in relationships. That part of yourself does that for a reason. It's all knowing and it's in your growing awareness that you'll find invaluable insights on your personal path of happiness and joy in all your relationships.