The Leader / Lockdown's ending for bars and museums, but will they actually re-open?; & the campaign to end wet markets

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MPs were so excited to hear Boris Johnson say pubs will re-open, they shouted "Hallelujah" in the Commons. Museums and art galleries have the green light too. But after more than three months in lockdown, how many will be ready to welcome people by July 4th, and how many people will actually go? The Evening Standard's Lizzie Edmonds says many of London's top tourist attractions are worried the pandemic's effects will last even longer than lockdown itself.  Also, it can't be said for certain that coronavirus came from a wet market in Wuhan but most scientists have it at the very top of a short list of suspects. The trade is supplied by a huge international operation, much of it run by organised crime, making large amounts of money from cruelty to animals. The Evening Standard's begun a campaign to end the illegal wildlife trade, and teamed up with conservation group Space for Giants. Their CEO Dr Max Graham tells us how the supply chain works, and the global effort that will be needed to stop it.   

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