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Tom Young – How to develop the mental fitness to win at life

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Episode notes

Tom Young is sports psychologist to some of the world’s best golfers including the European Ryder Cup Team. He’s also the author of The Making of a Leader – what elite sport can teach us about leadership, management and performance.

Tom has a very easy to listen to style and is brilliant as explaining some of the key psychological tools we can develop to help us win at life regardless of whether you are an elite sportsperson or not. 

He gives perhaps the best and simplest definition of mental fitness you’ll hear and says “Whisper it quietly, but we are not designed to highly perform every minute of every day.”

We also talk about the importance of self-image and why its importance to spend time working on that, as well as a number of other key things. 

Our mission is to help people develop their mental fitness so they can achieve more than they thought themselves capable of.

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