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Jonty Warneken – How to Tackle Disability Head On

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Episode notes

Imagine having your life before you in early 20’s and then in the blink of an eye – what you thought you’d do is gone, along with your leg.

That’s what happened to my old school friend Jonty. So how to you respond when life throws you a curveball? In this episode Jonty shares with me how exactly his did. He’s candid about some of the insecurities and worries he had and how he developed the mindset to overcome those.

Today’s he’s a para-ice swimmer and sits on the board of the governing body. He’s swum the Channel as part of a relay team and his mantra of “surround yourself with ordinary people doing extraordinary things” is a simple as it is inspiring.

He also shares his rules for life and why he doesn’t watch as much sport as he used too.

If you want to meet, him, you’ll find him submerged in some cold dark body of water most weekends usually somewhere in Yorkshire

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