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Episode notes

Children in the North face worse health and educational outcomes following the Covid-19 pandemic than children elsewhere in the country.

A major new report from the N8 Research Partnership - called Child of the North - outlines how rising equality in the region costs the economy billions of pounds in lost potential.

One of the academics involved in the report, Dr Luke Munford from the University of Manchester, discusses its findings with Northern Agenda editor Rob Parsons.

Rob also speaks to Alex Cunningham, who recently announced that he is stepping down as MP for Stockton North at the next election. The Labour politician argues that he is optimistic that his party can win back support in Northern heartlands, like his constituency in Teeside.

He also discusses the fallout from the No 10 Christmas party allegations, the state of the courts after the pandemic, and the housing conditions for asylum seekers in his constituency and the country.

And local democracy reporter Danielle Andrews explains five things you need to know about politics in Rotherham, the borough where child grooming has reared its head again seven years after a bombshell report exposed the problem.

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