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🦷 The tooth hurts: Inside the North's dentistry crisis

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Episode notes

With the cut and thrust of politics dying down a bit for the summer, Rob Parsons gets his teeth into an issue we all have to confront at some point: the state of our teeth. He looks at the stark North-South divide in England when it comes to rotten teeth and oral health.

The Northern Agenda editor speaks to Jennifer Owen, a dentist in the North East, who's administering the fillings and tooth extractions for one of the worst affected areas; Eddie Crouch, a leading figure in the body that represents dentists about why it is some areas have more teeth decay than others; and Mary Foy, an MP who has raised the issue in Parliament, and who is demanding urgent action from the government.

Rob also looks at the numbers behind the story with The North in Numbers podcast host and ace data reporter, Annie Gouk.


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