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⚔️ The battle for the North begins | Liverpool MP Paula Barker on Labour's devolution plans | Bold idea for the Tories from the Northern Caucus

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As Angela Rayner, newly in post as Labour's Shadow Levelling Up Secretary, told a major union conference this week, "The battle for the General Election is just getting started".

And our two guests today will give us an idea about we can expect from the two main parties as we get closer and closer to choosing our next Government, and what it might mean for us in the North.

Rob Parsons speaks to Paula Barker, MP for Liverpool Wavertree and part of Angela Rayner's shadow levelling up team, about what her party has in store on big topics like devolution, and whether she's concerned about left-wing candidates being blocked from Labour shortlists in places like Wirral West and Bolton North East.

The Northern Agenda editor also gets the Tory perspective on what lies ahead, hearing from the Northern Caucus, a new organisation hoping to come up with the bold policy ideas which could persuade voters in the North of England to back the Conservatives at the next election. Its founder Callum Newton speaks to Rob about why Rishi Sunak needs aspirational policies, not culture wars, if it's going to win over the red wall again this time round. 


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