the Pennsylvania Rock Show / Luke Weltz Band PARS581

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Episode notes

Luke Weltz Band joins Bill to introduce themselves and their music to our listeners. Shout out to N'Stuff Music.

Featuring music from: Seethe, End Bringer, Luke Weltz Band, Dan Getkin and the Twelve Six, (kaj), Transcendence
Segment 1 with the Luke Weltz Band

* Please introduce yourselves.
* How did your band form?
* What is your favorite piece of equipment that you use on stage?
* Can you pinpoint the moment that you knew that you wanted to be a musician?
* If I went on a tour with you, what would the sound track between shows sound like?
* Who is your Dave Grohl?

Segment 2

* What is the coolest thing you've been involved in as a band member?
* If an apocalyptic event happens and only 1 song from every band survives, which of your songs would survive to re-populate the Earth?
* If I played your songs in reverse, what would I hear?
* If you can play with any band at any location, who would you play with and where?
* If you're waiting at a crossroads for the devil, what would you be attempting to sell your soul for?