the Pennsylvania Rock Show / Curtis and the Shakerz PARS588

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Episode notes

Curtis and the Shakerz to bring the blues to episode #588.
Interview Segment 1 with Curtis and the Shakerz

* Where did the Shakerz part of the band name come from?
* How did the band come together and how long have you been together?
* How do you record? track? one takes?
* What is your favorite venue to play at?
* You come across a DeLorean and can go back in time to follow 1 band around for a year...
* Your music idol sits down on a bench beside you, what one question do you ask?

Interview Segment 2

* What would you sell your soul to the devil for?
* What is the odd thing that you include into your rider?
* If you could play with any musician, anywhere; who and where?
* What is coming up next for Curtis and the Shakerz?
* Where can the listeners find you?