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Episode notes

Rocky Lamonde of The Borstal Boys, joins Bill to discuss: the New CD Crumbs, the addition of horns (Brett, Leo and Liam) and Gallo Locknez to tracks on the new CD, upcoming shows, the sneak peek at the new video for Take the Wheel, the new website located at and more!
Segment 1 about Crumbs, with Rocky

* Crumbs release show and Take the Wheel video will be released on September 10, 2001. The CD release will take place at Excuses Bar & Grill
* We do a fly by of the new website.
* Rocky announces the addition of Dave Buzard on guitar and that the 'Boys are working on and almost finished with another album.
* Rocky talks about playing The Band Jam Grass Roots Music Festival.
* Anthony tells us about the CD how they released 5 songs as singles throughout the recording process, but don't worry there are 7 more songs on there to hear on top of that.
* He name drops some projects that he has done at The Vault Recording Studio and tells us about the video for the song Take the Wheel  which we debuted in the video (see below).
* Domenic Fusca will be opening the CD release show.

Segment 1 about Crumbs, with Rocky

* We discuss the Excusapalooza benefit show put on by Bobby C of Royal Honey.
* Rocky talks about what the Borstal Boys have coming up.
* Don't forget about A Concert for Anna this weekend (Friday-Sunday!)
* We talk about some of Matt Ferrante's influences on this show!
* We talk about my website adventures.