the Pennsylvania Rock Show / Para Bellum PARS589

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Episode notes

Kate, Eric, Terry, and Amanda from Para Bellum join Bill on episode 589.
Interview Segment 1 with Para Bellum

* You are sitting on a bench and your musical idol sits down beside you, you're allowed to ask 1 question...
* What are you selling your soul to the Devil for?
* What has Para Bellum been up to?
* Who is your Dave Grohl?
* Tell me about something embarrassing that another member of the band has done on stage.
* Have you ever played in the Youngstown, OH area?
* If there is an apocalyptic event, which one of your songs could help re-populate the Earth?
* What will the the crazy item in your first rider?
* Who is the most famous musician that you've met?

Interview Segment 2

* If Para Bellum was out on tour and Eric was driving, what would the soundtrack of your tour be between shows?
* If you are in Almost Famous, what band do you follow around and what are you going to write about?
* Your band gets signed and goes out on tour, what local bands are you taking with you?
* What is the best pizza you've had when you've been out playing?
* What is one venue that you'd like to play at?
* What song that you have not written, do you wish you had written?
* One thing that you love about the scene and one thing that you hate?