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Episode notes

Cameron Cruz Clark and Mikey P of skell drop by and give Bill and update on their new album, talk about Rock for Life, tattoos, and more on episode 584!
Interview Segment 1 with skell

* Hear Cam interview Bill about the beginnings of Build the Scene and Rock for Life, how Bill met the guys in skell, and more.
* Learn about the "stages" of Rock for life.
* How far along is the new disc? (No wine before its time)
* Listen to skell on Build the Scene Radio
* Are there any hidden skell secrets or unknown facts?
* Wally still owes Bill a tattoo... on Wally?!?

Interview Segment 2 with Cam and Mikey P

* skell tattoos?
* Find out about the song Menschheit
* If you were meeting the devil at a crossroads, what would you be selling your soul for?
* You can go back in time and follow any band around to hang out with and learn from, who would you pick?
* Mikey P teaches us about Jimmi Hendrix.
* What's coming up for skell?