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Successfully Running a Podcast Management and Consulting Business with Simona Costantini

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Episode notes

In this episode, you will learn how to run a podcast management and consulting business, as I talk to Simona Costantini, the founder, and CEO of Costantini productions a full-service podcast production agency.

About the Guest - Simona Costantini

Simona is a veteran podcaster and her podcast "Happiness Happens Podcast" is hugely successful among entrepreneurs. She shares her favorite mindset tips and also brings on industry-leading guests and discusses how they define happiness and tips around being happy.

She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing, communications, advertising, and public relations. She also works alongside Legal Talk Network, a podcast network for legal professionals.

She helps women entrepreneurs in the parenting, wellness, and marketing spaces bring their personality, brand, and passion to the mic by helping them launch, manage and grow their podcasts.

What we discussed on the show

Here are some of the things we discussed on the show today -

[06:42] - How Simona found her podcast niche and what you can learn from it

[09:22] - Audience Building strategies for Podcasters

[18:51] - Finding clients and what's the right approach

[25:55] - Different services Simona offers and you can too

[29:04] - Finding support for your podcast management business

[37:10] - Common problems that podcast clients face

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