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Episode 23 - Chatting with Russell Cassevah, Founder of Little Bricks Charity

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Episode notes

LEGO is, for so many, the classic toy. The toy that brought hours and hours of escape to use your imagination and build whatever you could think of.  Limitless possibilities.


Stephanie had the chance to chat with Russell Cassevah, a two-time Guinness World Record (GWR) holder and the President & Founder of Little Bricks Charity to learn all about how he has transformed his passion for LEGO into his main purpose in life.  Both of Russell's GWRs were set walking across LEGO!  This guy is the REAL DEAL.  Most parents scream in pain when they step on one piece of LEGO let alone thousands of pieces of LEGO at one time.  All in the name of charity. Simply amazing. 


Little Bricks Charity is a 501c3 whose mission it is to build big smiles on hospitalized children. What do they do? Russell and his small army of volunteers raise money and then purchase LEGO sets to get them in the hands of these amazing kids.


You can follow Little Bricks Charity on the following platforms:

TIKTOK: @LittleBricksCharity

Instagram: @littlebricksbigsmiles

Twitter: @LilBrixCharity 

YouTube: Little Bricks Charity