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Season 2 (Episode 3) - Chatting With Anti-Bullying Expert - Candice Dugger

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Episode notes

A lot of adults don't realize how devastating the effects of being bullied can be until it's too late. How do you deal with bullying? I sat down with an expert to find out.

Candice Dugger is the founner of the Bullied, Broken, Redeemed, and a nationally recognized anti-bullying expert, author, speaker and trainer. Candice and her team specialize in equipping leaders, parents and youth on all aspects of Gen Z Bullying.

We chat about everything from defining what bullying is, establishing code words with your kids and how to document a case of bullying. Valuable tools and resources are discussed to help families navigate.

On top of being and anti-bullying warrior, Candice is passionate about helping families transition from public school to homeschool. Her "Coming Home" series of talks and workshops are a blessing for those trying to navigate the sometimes difficult transition.


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Instagram: @cedugger

Facebook: @BulliedBrokenRedeemed