The Switch by Ife Taiwo

#022 Emily Sander: Mentoring,Coaching and Leadership

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Episode notes

Emily is a Certified Professional Coach. She is an experienced professional with over a decade of experience across Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures with a focus on turnaround, operational, and customer experience restructuring. She is currently the "Chief of staff" at fusionZONE Automotive, LLC. Emily is the author of "Hacking Executive Leadership", a book that helps you to build your confidence as a leader and navigate the murky waters of corporate leadership.

In this episode, we spoke about her role as the "Chief of Staff" and how she helps hold the executive leadership team together as a team. We also spoke about how leaders should be able to identify and nurture the individuals that have been the opportunity to lead. We also spoke about the effectiveness of coaching and mentoring, and how a good coach can help to fine-tune not just your leadership skills but also your life skills that are useful outside the workspace.