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How to create your own career in public art? What is it like to create work in a prison, a cemetery or even a mortuary? Why apply for public funding? What is it like to give a TEDx talk?

With over sixty sketchbooks bursting with ideas, Julia Vogl is ready for any challenge in the public art sphere. Every work she creates is site-specific, unique to that project and often ambitious in scale. Her public art journey began at university; inspired by the beautiful stain glass windows of Florentine cathedrals, Julia convinced multiple departments to each contribute $20 to a project that covered the uninspiring college library exterior with sheets of coloured paper.

Since this early start to her public art career, Julia has created work in prisons, cemeteries, mortuaries, even on trash cans. She has been commissioned by New York Parks and Recreation/Brooklyn Arts Council, Tate, ITV, Facebook, Hull 2017 City of Culture, Mayor Of London, Wellcome Trust Neuroimaging Centre, and more. She won the Aesthetica Art Prize (2011) and the Catlin Art Prize. 

This is a must-listen to any artist hoping to create a career in public art.

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Catch Julia’s TEDx talk here.


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