The Wrong 'Un / India vs England, Day 1, 4th Test - Back to Normality

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😌 Sach has finally mellowed after unleashing his wrath on the salty England fans of Twitter. But he is now bored by conventional Test cricket - 'Bring back the Tina Turners' he cries. Bertie is here to join him and unpick the day's action, with plenty to cover: unorthodox selections, predictably disappointing batting, and plenty of ghosts. 

Virat is still spiky, Axar Patel and Siraj both look good again and coming towards the end of the series we're beginning to see some consistencies with England's below par batting. India look to be heading for a series victory, but as they say, it's not over until the England batsman gets done by the straight one... for the 30th and final time.

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