The Wrong 'Un / Pink Ball Post Mortem & Sad England Fans... with Ben Jones

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Episode notes

🌪️Several days have passed and the storm has calmed after hurricane 3rd Test romped its way through Ahmedabad leaving ducks, dust and a 10 wicket defeat for England in its wake. Only Axar Patel, Rohit and a hyped up Kohli remain untouched. India are on the path to a 3-1 dub.

We welcome CricViz Analyst and Professional xW-er Ben Jones into our warm TWU embrace to conduct the post-mortem on what the hell was going on. Amateur analysts Ollie & Sach, ship steerer Bertie and a very hungover Max Parry complete the lineup. 

Meanwhile Sach is riled by his oldest of foes - online England fans 😡. Will he let it slide. Not a chance. Buckle in for what he tells me is "A thorough lesson in hypocrisy and learning to take defeat on the chin". Remember those words England fans, he's coming for you.

We also greet our worst correspondence topic ever and discuss Adam Lallana.

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