The Book Owl Podcast / Quickie: Bye Bye, Birdie

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Episode notes

Hey Book Nerds,

It’s a bittersweet announcement today for the podcast because the Book Owl has decided to fly the coop.

That’s right, the podcast is ending. But don’t cry, because in this quickie announcement I’ll explain the tough decision and tell you how you can still get your fix of tales of quirky books and literary lore.

Thanks to EVERYONE who listened, shared, and supported the show. I just wish there had been more of you : (

Links Mentioned in This Episode

What I’m Happy About…

  • I did this! Recording my voice was going far beyond my comfort zone, but I’m glad I took the plunge. It even gave me the nerve to start recording video updates (for better or worse…haha)
  • I learned SO much. Everything required to put an episode together was probably one of the steepest learning curves I’ve ever encountered. And I loved every minute of that learning process.

The Reasons Why…

I go into a bit more detail about these reasons in the announcement, but here’s the quickie version of the quickie (quickie squared?)

  • Time – Each episode was eating up WAY too much writing time
  • Interest – Or lack thereof. The podcast just never gained an audience.
  • Money – Lack of interest = lack of support to make it worthwhile

What’s the Future of the Podcast?

  • The audio of all episodes will be on YouTube unless YouTube starts making me pay to post content.
  • The word-y bits of all episodes will be posted on my main blog at over the next several months.

If You Want to Keep In Touch

  • I’ll continue to grow my YouTube channel. Once I get on a proper schedule with it, I’ll post at least every other week. This will be mainly writing updates and me sharing the books I’m enjoying, but who knows…some book trivia might slip its way in one day. So please do subscribe to the channel.
  • If videos aren’t your thing, then please do consider signing up for my monthly writing newsletter. You’ll get a free story for signing up, and I usually offer up free reading goodies to my newsletter subscribers every other month (sometimes more often). You can subscribe HERE.