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Bad Economics at the BBC, the AI-Buzz & RAJARs Roundup

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Episode notes

Matt Deegan is joined by Scott Bryan (TV Critic, Must Watch) and Charlotte Tobitt (Press Gazette) to wade through the latest in media news.

An internal review finds the Beeb’s coverage of financial topics is putting ‘impartiality at risk’. Should the BBC be teaching economics? Is the media just full of Arts students? Where does the buck stop?

Next, Matt asks his guests for their reactions to AI in the Buzzfeed newsroom, and what they make of The News Movement's push to be leaders in the vertical-video news market.

Plus, are subscribers streaming away? Data shows the first annual decline ever as Brits cut back. Charlotte, Matt and Scott share which two subscriptions are their Must-Keeps.

AND it's a radio-themed Media Quiz looking at changes to the airwaves.

Also in the programme: Adam Bowie dissects the latest Radio Joint Audience Research figures (aka RAJARs), including why Boom Radio's booming.

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