The Pledge

Should Meghan and Harry leave royalty behind?

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Episode notes

Greg Dyke thinks if you're a royal, press intrusion comes with the territory.

He says if Prince Harry and Meghan are "struggling to cope" with the press coverage they could leave royalty behind and move abroad. But do the panel agree?

Carole Malone thinks parliament has "repeatedly betrayed voters and democracy" and says the handling of Brexit has been "the greatest political embarrassment of modern times".

Michelle Dewberry says a "pitiful" number of prosecutions have followed against soldiers who worked at Nazi concentration camps. She thinks they should all face jail, despite their age, and even if they weren't directly involved in killings.

Prince William and Kate visited Pakistan recently and took every opportunity to wear a sherwani.

But Nick Ferrari wants to know, what is appropriate when it comes to cultural appropriation?

Sainsbury's has announced that they will not be selling fireworks in any of their stores.

Femi Oluwole suggests we "do what we can to shield" our animals from any distress and insists the ban is unnecessary.