The Withering Effect - Minecraft Podcast / Episode 93: Switching from Java to Bedrock?

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Episode notes

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss snapshot, 21w17a, for Minecraft 1.17, which makes the Large Ore Veins slightly rarer and slightly smaller (but they are still large!), Copper Ore now drop 2-3 raw copper when mined or more with Fortune and Small Dripleaves can now also be placed on Moss Blocks. Plus, we have an e-mail from Noi about taming a Ravager from Episode 5 and a Discord question from DirtyBlonde655 about what features could tempt DuDs and Jimbo away from Java and have them switch to Bedrock? Also, DuDs now has doors on his office and Jimbo has been getting into the 3rd life series on YouTube.

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w17a:

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