The Withering Effect - Minecraft Podcast / Episode 87: The cleaning power of lightning

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Episode notes

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss snapshot, 21w11a, for Minecraft 1.17, which adds the ability to right-click on or use a dispenser to wax Copper Blocks with Honeycomb, an axe can be used to scrape off the wax and oxidation of Copper Blocks, and a lightning strike hitting Copper will clean its oxidation. The frequency of Diamond Ore blobs has been increased slightly, Moss Blocks can be crafted with Cobblestone or Stone Bricks to make the mossy versions of those blocks, and fully-grown Amethyst Clusters now drop four Amethyst Shards (or more with Fortune) when mined with a pickaxe. Plus, High Hopes from our Discord has four questions for DuDs and Jimbo.

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w11a:

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