The Withering Effect - Minecraft Podcast / Episode 84: Andesite is not Tuff enough

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Episode notes

In this episode, DuDs and Jimbo discuss snapshot, 21w08a, for Minecraft 1.17, that tweaks cave sizes and generation further. Grimstone is now called Deepslate, and we now have Deepslate versions of Iron, Gold, Lapis, Redstone, and Diamond ores. Andesite has been changed out for Tuff, and the snapshot adds Smooth Basalt and Cobbled Deepslate. Also, we have a question from ChiefBigBear about which aspects of Minecraft DuDs and Jimbo thought they would hate when it was first announced but ended up really enjoying when it was eventually added to the game. Plus, a few random thoughts on 1.17 and Armour stands coming to life in Mending Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w08a:

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