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TFMR: Roe v Wade Special Episode

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Episode notes

Welcome, hello and thank you for listening.

We've brought this episode together very quickly and I'm grateful to all of our guests for jumping on to this with me at short notice.

My guests are:

Jane Armstrong @TFMRsocialworker (Instagram) based in Texas

Melanie Zamenhof @mzamenhof (Instagram) based in New York

Claire Cullen @TFMR_Ireland based in Ireland

We are talking about our stories, how we feel about the overturning of Roe vs Wade, what impact this has for TFMR parents and what we can do about it.

If you are in one of the states with trigger laws, here are some abortion funds/providers that can help you (all handles are for Instagram):

Arkansas: Arkansas Abortion Support Network @arkansas_abortion_support

Idaho: Northwest Abortion Access Fund @nwaafund

Kentucky: Kentucky Health Justice Network @kyhealthjustice

Louisiana: New Orleans Abortion Fund @neworleansabortionfund

Mississippi: Mississippi Reproduction Freedom Fund @mrff_funds_abortions

Missouri: Missouri Abortion Fund @moabortionfund

North Dakota: ND WIN Abortion Access Fund @ndwinfund

Oklahoma: Roe Fund @roefund

South Dakota: Justice Through Empowerment Network @jenetwork605

Tennessee: Abortion Care for Tennessee @abortioncaretn

Texas: Lilith Fund @lilithfund

Utah: Utah Abortion Fund @utabortionfund

Wyoming: Chelsea's Fund @chelseafund

Nati Network of Abortion Funds @abortionfunds

For TFMR specific support:

UK: Antenatal Results and Choice

USA: Ending a Wanted Pregnancy

The other podcast I mention about 'Moral Certitude', which I would highly recommend we all listen to - is called Hidden Brain and the episode is called 'Moral Combat', find it here

Lastly, I hope this episode brings some focus for the rage and despair that is being felt out there right now.

I hope this inspires you to tell you full stories, honestly and openly. The more that we can honestly talk about abortion, in all it's nuances, the better in my opinion.