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Episode notes

Hello! And welcome to today's episode.

I'm speaking with Buff about her TFMR last year. We open the episode with Buff reading one of her poems that she wrote after Forest died. Creative writing, journal writing, spoken word and poetry are all ways that Buff has used to support herself through this.

Our last episode, we spoke to Rasmus, Buff's husband. Here, we hear Buff's perspective.

We can hear how they processed their grief differently. Their differences of how they made meaning of what was happening.

They are based in Portugal. Buff is British, Rasmus is Danish and so we also talk a little about the isolation and cultural differences too.

Buff mentions her doula, who helped her with figuring out what she needed/wanted in her last few days with Forest and for his birth. The organisation is called Towards Tomorrow Together. They are UK based, but supported Buff from afar.

If you're interested in learning more about their eco-retreats, you can find more information here: Gaia Retreat

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