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TFMR: No More Living Children

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Episode notes

In today's episode we hear from Janelle Ramsey. Janelle is a befriender for SANDS Leeds and runs a support group for parents who, for them, their baby who died is there last child. 

This could either be because a decision has been made to stop trying for children (or more living children), or the decision has been made for them due to medical negligence, for example. 

Janelle is a TFMR parent herself and while she was seeking support after her loss, she thought of the idea of setting up a group for those that find themselves not going on to have a subsequent live pregnancy. The conversations around trying to conceive and pregnancy after loss are important, but it can leave those who aren't heading down these paths feeling isolated and lonely. 

For more information and to join their group, contact Janelle at [email protected]

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