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Toastcaster 159: Overcoming Awkward: Introvert’s Guide – Networking, Marketing & Sales - Monica Parkin

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Episode notes

[37:21] Wonder how did a shy, socially awkward introvert turn into a successful serial entrepreneur and master relationship builder? Just ask Monica Parkin, who on today’s show will give us an insight into the answer to that question and more by telling us about her recent book, part memoir, part instruction guide, Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert's Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales.

You don’t have to be an introvert to benefit from Monica’s wisdom. In this fun and lighthearted episode, you’ll hear honest stories (many from the book) of her often sometimes challenging but fruitful transformation and overcoming her obstacles. You’ll hear about a number of lessons she’s learned and how these can be applied in many areas of one’s personal, professional, business life and even through social media.

You’ll hear how things blossomed for “Mortgage Monica” as she revealed her authentic self and how her moniker as a “crazy goat lady” who lives on a small farm with an assortment of furry creatures actually contributes to her business success and more.

Some of the other topic areas she touches upon include: Difficult conversations, asking questions, setting boundaries, mentorship, Toastmasters and her podcast Juggling Without Balls.

Monica Parkin is from Courtney, British Columbia, Canada. She’s a licensed mortgage broker and successful serial entrepreneur an award-winning international speaker, author, podcaster and Toastmaster. 

You can find her book: Overcoming Awkward: The Introvert's Guide to Networking, Marketing, and Sales on Amazon.

Monica can be reached at