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Toastmaster 158: Celebrating Milestones Forward Can Yield Amazing Results

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Episode notes

[18:33] Milestones are achieved and celebrated every day and recognized in a variety of different ways. Celebrations are also often backward looking going back to where one once was to where they are now. But what if you celebrated forward? Using the milestone as a way of encouraging a future activity.

In this episode we look at the milestone of 200th episode of the Toastmasters Podcast and how instead of looking back at the first 200 episodes as many do, the hosts Greg Gazin and Ryan Levesque decided to create a contest - a Pitch Us Your Podcast Idea! contest. 

The idea would be to create more buzz around podcasting and encourage members to give it a try. Members could submit their most creative idea - a pitch and an audio sample and they did not have to have an existing podcast.  The winner would be announced and  be a guest on Episode #200 where they could introduce themselves to the world and pitch their idea to Greg and Ryan. 

When the dust settled, the winner was Rashmi Ketha from Ledgewood NJ, USA  with “The Experience Passport.” Personal development through hobby sampling.

You can catch the 200th episode - shown above at, and Apple & Google Podcasts.