Tourpreneur / Out of this world - selfies from space with the Travel Industry Mavericks

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Episode notes

In today's episode of the Travel Industry Mavericks, Peter Syme and Christian Watts discuss Chris Newlands' unique business model and the journey that led to the creation of We discuss how COVID has changed Chris’s business landscape and the challenges of bringing brands, events, and partners together. We discuss how Spelfie works, the unique benefits brands get when partnering with them at events, and how Spelfie can work for destination cities and in-destination supply partners. Chris highlights the first socially distanced event for Spelfie and how real-time opportunities can evolve the business's offering. We also discuss how satellite technology is evolving, both in terms of quality and capacity, the many possible new avenues it will give travel partners, and what Spelfie will be doing in the future.