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Is Clubhouse for Tour Operators and Tour Guides? Everyone is talking about it, but not many can categorize it. The clubhouse is the new social platform that is a part conference call and part house party. Intrigued by Clubhouse then today you can be a fly on the wall as I record an actual session for you. Today, I’m moderating a Clubhouse session called ‘Clubhouse For Operators’ with three Clubhouse regulars, Christian ‘Clubhouse’ Watts, Mitch Bach, and Nikki Padilla Rivera.In today's podcast-meets-Clubhouse session, we unpack what Clubhouse has to offer to the travel industry and discover Christian’s, Mitch’s, and Nikki’s thoughts about the new kid on the Social Block. We discuss what they find alluring about the platform and why some love it. We discuss Clubhouse etiquette tips, how a session works,  and what makes it different from the now ubiquitous Zoom meeting. We also consider what the value of Clubhouse will be once the exclusive novelty aspect has worn off and how it will continue to attract high industry value speakers.